Virgo Lal Kitab Horoscope

Your financial status will increase but so will your expenses. You will be more interested in religious activities this year. You will not sleep well- try yoga and meditation to cure the same. Take extra care of your eyes.

Your ambitions will encourage you to work harder, and you will progress due to your own efforts. You will help the poor and needy. Stick to a budget to avoid over expenditure. You may be irritable and face blood pressure related problems. Take measures to control these negative effects.

Your motto should be : “Speech is silver, silence is golden.”

To control the negative effects of the malefic planets, some of the Lal Kitaab remedies are:

Avoid blue clothes

Do not share your secrets with everyone

Wear a pure Gold ring, in the ring finger of the left hand

Avoid travel unless very important

Feed stray dogs daily.

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