Scorpio Health Horoscope

Scorpio natives generally have a very strong immune system. Their power of resistance is very good. They deal with health problems easily. They can recover fast.

The natives are prone to physical wounds and accidents. They are adventurous which cause them injuries. You need to travel less. Concentrate more on your work and avoid drinking alcohol.

You may face problems in private parts. Throat, lungs and intestines too can become a issue of concern. You need to drink water as much as you can.

Respect your elders and avoid getting trapped into conflicts. This can increase your pressure and stress. Do not think in excess. Stay calmed and relaxed. Meditation and exercise will become your escape.


You have a weak heart and weaker throat; keep away from intoxications of any kind. Minor affections catch you very soon. You should keep your washroom clean and dry.

Scorpio Characteristics

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