Sagittarius Health Horoscope

Sagittarius natives are strong from the birth. They usually do not have health problems but their over drinking habit of alcohol lead them to liver problems.

Natives are advised to avoid drinking in extreme and avoid junk and fried food too. They may face problems related to thighs, stomach and hips.

Problems with liver can arise blood pressure issues. You need to take care of your blood pressure level.

Avoid travelling after taking alcohol. You may fall into serious injuries. The native may meet major accidents. Try to stay vegetarian. Eat food like oats, bananas, barley etc.

They are restless souls. They hamper themselves more and usually indulge themselves into fights. Avoid being impulsive and aggressive.

You need to take proper rest at night. Travelling can be tiring for you rather than enjoying. You may face nerves problems. Muscle tear can happen to you which will cause you a more pain then anything.

Try going for walks twice a day and do physical and mental exercises.


You have problems of blood impurity, minor cuts and wounds, accidents, and keep away from horses. Though in today’s world it is rare to see one but still. After 50 you are prone to vaata(air) diseases.

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