Rudra Mahalingam Locket

Rudra Mahalingam locket is a made up of 5 faceted Rudraksha and Narmadeshwar Shivalinga. It is a very effective remedy to beget wealth, happiness, and Sexual health.

Benefits of Rudra Mahalingam Locket:

  • It is a boon for people who are sad in their married lives.
  • The wearer begets wealth in some time after wearing this locket.
  • The immunity levels increases and he remains healthy most of the time.
  • He remains in the state of peace of mind and does not gets disturbed in any situation.

Why buy from us:

This locket is not a simple thing but it is chanted upon by the mantras of Shiva and Parvati.

Our panditji chants the mantra 21,000 times on this locket and only after that we send it to you so that you get the maximum benefit out of this.


Beads Name :Narmadeshver Shivling + 5 Mukhi Rudraksha
Rudraksha Size:5mm (Indonesian Beads)
Narmadeshver Shivling Sized:35X18 mm (Narmada River)
Mala Size:14 inch
Energization :Pt. Suraj Shastri

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