Lapiz Lazuli

This stone is used to mitigate the ill effects of Rahu-Ketu and Saturn together. This is the only panacea to remove the ill effects of these three planets in one go.

Benefits of wearing Lapiz Lazuli

  • It helps in increasing the memory power so students should wear this.
  • It is helpful in throat infections too.
  • It prevents the wearer from the evil eye and black magic.
  • It is helpful in mitigating the ill effects of pitra dosha.
  • It is helpful in fighting with depression and tensions.

How to wear?

  • You can wear it in silver ring of chain and it should be worn on a Saturday only. It should be worn in the middle finger only.
  • Before wearing it you should keep it in sesame oil for four hours and then keep it on a blue cloth.
  • Recite ऊं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनये नम: 108 times and offer incence and flowers and then wear it.

Why from us:

It is best to wear energized gem stone only. At Astro Vidhi all stones are energized by highly capable astrologers and thus they become twice as effective.

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