Chandal Dosha Nivaran Puja


When rahu is connected with Jupiter in any horoscope it forms “chandaal dosha”, Jupiter starts giving malefic effects when it comes in touch with Rahu in any way.

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Effects of chandaal dosha:

The native does conspiracies against others. He indulges in immoral behavior. He gets engaged with other men or women. The earning source can be illegal and immoral. The native acts in a cruel way with people around him.

Chandaal dosh nivaran Puja

Pandit Sooraj shastri performs this pooja with complete vedic process. 

Importance of Chandaal dosh nivaran Puja

This puja opens the door of prosperity for you. Your mental and physical problems get erased gradually and you become a happy person. This puja is very beneficial for getting a better job or for Business, getting rid of family problems, debts, diseases etc.

Puja Ingredients:

Incense, betel nut, flowers, hawan samagri, pure ghee, sweets, Ganges water, wood for hawan, mango leaves, honey, curd, sugar, pink cloth, roli-moli.

Timing of puja:

Our pandit ji will decide the muhurta.

The information we require from you:

  • You name and gotra
  • Date of Birth, time of birth, and place.

How to order:

Kindly write us at to know more about Chandaal dosh nivaran puja for you.

Free Shipping: All over USA, Canada, UK and UAE
$101 x 1 = $101

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