Ashta Laxmi Puja


Ashta Laxmi Puja gives wealth, prosperity, and overall wellness. One should always get this puja performed to get these benefits.

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As per texts there are eight incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi. Shree Aadi lakshmi, Shree Dhanya Lakshmi, Shree Dhairya Lakshmi, Shree Gaj Lakshmi, Shree Santaan Lakshmi, Shree Vijay Lakshmi, Shree Vidya Lakshmi, Shree Aishwarya Lakshmi.

Who should get Ashta Laxmi Puja done?

By praising ashtlakshmi the dearth of money is eradicated forever.

  1. One gets rid of his or her debts, one gets longevity.
  2. There is happiness in the family.
  3. Social status gets better.
  4. Marital bliss increases.
  5. If you are going through business failures, job crisis etc then you should get Ashta Laxmi Puja done for sure.

Ashta Laxmi Pujan process:

  • One should wear pink dress and sit on a pink cloth only.
  • keep pink cloth and put shree yantra and photo of ashtlakshmi on it.
  • Light eight lamps of cow ghee in a plate and light up pink incense.
  • Put vermillion on shree yantra and asht lakshmi photograph.
  • Now give respects to the priest and start the Ashta Laxmi Pujan.

Ashta Laxmi Puja Ingredients:

Incense, betelnut, flowers, hawan samagri, pure ghee, sweets, Ganges water, wood for hawan, mango leaves, honey, curd, sugar, pink cloth, roli-moli.

Importance of Asht Lakshmi Pooja:

This Ashta Laxmi Puja opens the door of prosperity for you. Your mental and physical problems get erased gradually and you become a happy person.

This Ashtalaxmi pooja is very beneficial for getting a better job or for Business, getting rid of family problems, debts, diseases etc.

Timing of Ashta Laxmi Puja:

Our pandit ji will decide the muhurta and will conduct Ashta Laxmi Puja for you. 

Information we require from you:

  • You name and gotra
  • Date of Birth, time of birth, and place.

How to book Ashta Laxmi Puja online?

Kindly write us at to know more about Ashta Laxmi Puja online for you.

Free Shipping: All over USA, Canada, UK and UAE
$101 x 1 = $101

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