Libra Health Horoscope

Libra natives will suffer problems related to kidney and lower back. They may face kidney stone or gravel. Natives are advised to take care of the food they eat. It should be hygienic and healthy. Avoid drinking alcohol. It severely effects kidneys.

You are advised to take as much water as you. it will help you reduce kidney and bladder issues.

Eat fiber food like oats, parsley and borage. Everything in extreme cause harmful effects. Try not to eat many fruits as they can lead to gas problems. Gas will be more problematic to already sensitive stomachs.

You should avoid oily and fried food. This can lead to skin problems. Female natives must rinse off their makeup before going to bed to avoid acne problems.

Natives can do facial and body massages to relax and feel stress free. It will also help in avoiding skin problems.


Your backbone, liver and urinary tract are prone to get infected soon. It will be best to keep a beautiful and colorful atmosphere around you and drink fresh water as much as you can. Do not be jealous or egoistic. Don’t brag about you and talk less.

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