What is Leo Zodiac Sign?

You have a very majestic personality. People like to be your friend. You are humble, ambitious, proud, confident, and positive. You lose your temper soon but you also cool down very fast. You like to read good books or watch educative things. Your outlook towards life gets broader as your get mature. You have the ability achieve the unthinkable tasks in life. Even in hardships, you do not lose your faith and confidence. You struggle hard to have all the material amenities in your life and you get all of them sooner or later.

When do Leo Birthdays fall?

You are a Leo if your birthday falls between July 23 - August 22 according to western astrology.

Leo Business Horoscope

Leo achieve success if opt business. They have dominating powers. They like to give orders and command to people under them. They can control juniors efficiently. They are excellent leaders. They can create conflicts at workplace if work under someone. They succeed when in superior position. They are great at team work. They can manage people very well. They respect and manage time and money too. They can achieve their goals in a team very well rather than working alone. They give orders but ...

Leo Daily Horoscope

You should be careful with your health routine. You may suffer from respiratory trouble. Include breathing exercise to get some relief. You may also be prone to skin related infections like rashes, allergies. Following strict balance diet might help as a prevention.

Leo Love Horoscope

The presence of Jupiter in your sign till August brings you positivity, optimism and luck. Thanks to Jupiter, your road to success will be easier and free of obstacles. You need to plan how you deal ...

Leo Relation Horoscope

This is year going to be good for some people and you are one of them. You will enjoy the year throughout, you will have amicable relations with your spouse and there will be good understanding in gen...

Leo Lalkitab Horoscope

Your reputation will increase- at the social as well as professional level. You will achieve desired success. Honour your word to maintain the progress- do not make committments that you cannot fulfil...