Capricorn Nature Horoscope

When the sign of the Capricorn rise in the eastern horizon at the time of birth, then your ascendant will be Capricorn. The ascendant is ruled by Saturn.

Let’s explore about the basic traits and the personality that defines an Capricorn person:

They are systematic and responsible creatures. They need stability and security in life and work. They are reliable and practical. They can turn selfish and mean in order to fulfill their goals.

They are very goal-oriented. They are ambitious and determined to complete their goals in spite facing obstacles and failures.

They are peaceful and cool outside and reserved and shy inside. They are strong physically and willfully. They have the ability to reach heights.

They respect people who respect and honor them. they enjoys being in power. They are confident and authoritative. They usually make good team leaders.

They are to-the-ground personality. They at times destroy themselves by taking inappropriate decisions which lead to failures.

They are the followers of rules and conditions. They respect them. They are sympathetic and concerned for others. They work with planning.

They may seem aggressive, egoistic , arrogant but they are warm and loving inside. They are pessimistic. They feel uncomfortable socially. They cannot cope up in new situations and with new people.

They are disciplined and systematic in terms of finance and money. They are able to take risks but with caution and suspicion hand in hand.

Capricorn Characteristics

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