What is Cancer Zodiac Sign?

You have a very good personality. You are a very ambitious person. You are always enthusiastic, positive and have a broad mind. You are interested in history, arts, culture, science and you can become a very successful engineer, actor, executives and also politics is an option for you. You like to eat sweets a lot and thus are highly prone to diabetes. You like to be of help to others. You can talk at stretch on any subject. You like to be in some or other company always. You like to travel to places and be doing something or the other.

When do Cancer Birthdays fall?

You are a Cancerian if your birthday falls between June 21 - July 22 according to western astrology.

Cancer Business Horoscope

Cancer natives are very knowledgeable and intelligent. There is nothing that they cannot do. Simply they need to sort out and low down their emotional issues. They have a powerful personality hidden in them. They always take a stand in what they believe is right. They can proves excellent in business. Their observing power will rule the business. Their intuition and imagination abilities land them in favorable conditions. Their ability to predict is considered as the special power given to the...

Cancer Daily Horoscope

You shall have neck or shoulder related troubles. Get medical help to get some relief. Taking complete rest will be helpful to some extent.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Your love prospects look exciting this year- all the single Cancerians will find a fun partner and experience the intimacy they so wanted. They will radiate energy as they emerge as winners after figh...

Cancer Relation Horoscope

In general, I have observed that cancer ascendant natives do not have a very happy married life, probably because of the enmity between Moon and Saturn. The Saturn will also ruling over the 8th house....

Cancer Lalkitab Horoscope

This year will be a roller coaster ride in terms of finances. Stock market traders need to avoid trading in Gold and Future and Options Trading. Do not invest beyond your capacity. Your social positio...