What is Aries Zodiac Sign?

You are an avid reader. You like science and philosophy. You are frank, aggressive, dominant, selfish to great extent, hardworking, and an achiever. You like to be on top in whatever field you are. You are vibrant, bubbly and like fashionable outfits. You like to wear bright colors. You usually possess athletic body with good facial features. You don’t like to compromise when it is about your career or money. You can do well in administrative civil services, police, military, state government or corporate office, business and sports. You like to spend thriftily. You rise in life with your own efforts.

When do Aries Birthdays fall?

You are an Arian if your birthday falls between March 21 - April 19 according to western astrology.

Aries Business Horoscope

Aries are very active and daring. Business main principal is taking risk and Aries can do that easily and without fear. They are spontaneous and energetic too. Aries zodiac individuals are impatient with their ventures and this does not lead to stability. Aries at the same time are very egoistic and impatient. They can turn into selfish, jealous and violent creatures. They should give extra care as their mood and energy fluctuates timely. They do not hesitate to make mistakes and soon will rea...

Aries Daily Horoscope

You shall enjoy good health. You will be active and lively. You will be inspired to take up new health regime.

Aries Love Horoscope

Your heart will give you shocks and surprises and take you for a wild ride. All the single people have chances of falling in love with someone elder to them in age. Some may be on the lookout for a st...

Aries Relation Horoscope

You will not be able to enjoy the fruits of married life fully as the seventh house is in paapkartari to some extent, thus there will be unnecessary quarrels and there will be unwanted tensions in the...

Aries Lalkitab Horoscope

This year brings fruits with it challenges wealth as well as health wise. Chances of an accident are high. Health issues may arise after August, so you need to take extra care and be on your guard. Th...