Aries Health Horoscope

Aries will be needing an extra care for stomach and kidneys. They may suffer problems like indigestion or kidney stone due to unhealthy diet.

Aries should work according to their stamina. Increase in the stress levels may make them suffer headaches and migraine problem. They should take proper sleep.

Aries is a fire sign. They get their energy and enthusiasm from that only. They are adventurous at the same time that is why they easily get wounded and injured.

Aries should never ignore small problems. They mostly turn out to be big and problematic later. They should go for check-ups and get medical attention regularly.

Aries governs the brain and head. They easily get sick due to sunstroke, neuralgia or depression.

Aries believes in extremes. They like to heighten everything. Be it emotional, mental, physical. Aries are left alone if this extreme things go out of social acceptance.


Your sleep cycle should be kept intact and try to take more sleep. Avoid unnecessary hassles and keep your brain free from tensions. Anger management therapy, morning walks, yoga or aerobics done in fresh air is the best medicine for you.

Aries Characteristics

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