Aquarius Sexual Orientation Horoscope

They are intellectual and informative. They are good at speech and love interesting and knowledgeable conversations. To attract the, one can talk interestingly.

They are very sensitive and emotional. They are serious and committed when it comes to love relation. They are honest and at times possessive. Aquarius natives allow their partners equal space and independence.

They are self- sacrificing for their love but at the same time unpredictable too. They can be stubborn and inflexible at times.

They are practical and imaginative by nature. They take sexual experience as a new chapter in life to experiment with.

In order to date a n Aquarius man, you need to be calm and cool. Don’t get too emotional with him or else he will avoid you. He is inventive and loves to experiment. He need one companion too share all his creative ideas. Try to make him your friend first. He will not be able to date you if you are not his friend. Respect his love for freedom and he will be yours.

On the other hand, Aquarius women are very easy to date and romance. They long for interesting and erotic conversations. They may look cold outside but they are very good if you sound them trustworthy. Be different from the crowd and she will drop beside you.

Aquarius Characteristics

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